The book about the Healthy Organisation – by Ingo Kallenbach (Founder of Reflect)


The book describes the concept of a Healthy Organisation and makes the relevance for future-oriented companies clear. In doing so, the role, influence and mode of action of healthy leadership are examined and the challenges in the current and future corporate environment are highlighted.

Leading in the Healthy Organisation aims to improve and develop what already exists and to bring the capabilities of the organisation to their full potential. This is expressed on three levels: the individual employee, the team and the whole organisation. The author analyses the typical symptoms of the current corporate world and identifies the relevant dimensions – employees, relationships, culture, structure, processes, strategy. Based on this, he develops the action concept of the Healthy Organisation as a holistic counter-draft to the previously identified “Wrong Turns”.

Expert interviews with insights into various company constellations provide additional, illuminating references to practice. Summaries of the most important aspects of each chapter and numerous illustrations support the transfer of practice into your own organisation.

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A Healthy Organisation unfolds potential and leads to extraordinary performance. “Healthy” in this sense means not only healthy employees, but also responsible cooperation, satisfied customers, functioning processes and sustainable profitability. Leadership is the key to achieving this. This includes suitable management concepts, long-term oriented organisational development and the consideration of dependencies between strategy, structure and culture in all design and change measures.

Reviews of the book:

“Creating a healthy company” – by SLA, Management-Journal.de on January 26th, 2017

Ingo Kallenbach calls his approach to corporate management a “Healthy Organisation”. For him, this means more than just paying attention to the health of his employees. A company is healthy if it cultivates responsible cooperation, if functioning processes have been implemented and customers are satisfied. The author’s findings are based not only on his own years of experience, but also on numerous scientific principles which he incorporates repeatedly.

Creating a healthy organisation

The health of an organization is evident in many dimensions, which is why holistic and systemic thinking is absolutely essential. In the first chapter, the author expands the basics of this viewpoint before devoting himself to everyday life in many companies. Only after that, the concept of a healthy organisation is developed in depth.

Tool cases for executives

In the second part of the book, readers receive concrete information on how their own leadership behaviour contributes to the company’s health. With key questions and practical tips, it offers managers and executives a comprehensive set of tools to accompany the company on its way to transformation.

Management Journal Conclusion: With his concept of a healthy organisation, the author presents a promising leadership approach that has appropriate answers for the current upheavals. Well-founded and comprehensibly written and with concrete implementation tips.

By Dr. Martin Sauerland

The book “Leading in the Healthy Organisation” by Ingo Kallenbach, published in 2016 by the publishing house Schäfer Poeschel, promises a lot: A holistic concept for the development of potentials and extraordinary achievements in organisations. The “Healthy organisation” is the means to achieve these goals. The book is well structured. The numerous visualisations and practical examples ensure that reading is never confusing or boring despite the scope, richness of detail and the large number of models. The book is highly recommendable, but one should not expect a short and simple guide, which one can read within a few hours and immediately implement 1:1 – this is not allowed by the author’s convincing systemic approach and the author’s promise (see above) could not honestly be fulfilled in this way. I will also publish it as literature for our students – especially with regard to the remarks on the “organisational models” one rarely reads something better.

“A future-oriented business model” – by Chill Weng on December 16th, 2016
With the healthy organisation, the book presents a holistic and systemically well thought-out company model that is thoroughly relevant to practice. Interesting are the detailed explanations of the balanced guidance, which is applied in a practical chapter “hands-on”. The interviews with experts, including the CEO of dm and HR expert Dave Ulrich, are also very interesting.

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Participants’ comments on the event:

Jens Rehwinkel, CFO ec4u – “The book launch event was a thoroughly successful evening. Ingo’s topic “Leading in the Healthy Organisation” becomes more and more important with every further step in the digitalisation of our corporate world and Ingo presented the topic very motivatingly. Together with the great guest lectures, this was a very inspiring evening that led me to take the topic of a healthy organisation to the next level at ec4u.”

Gerald Kupatt, BASF SE – “Professional presentation of the new book by Ingo Kallenbach in connection with encouraging management experiences from corporate practice. Extremely worthwhile and highly recommendable!”

Prof. Dr. Dirk Nicolas Wagner, Karlshochschule – “Dear Mr. Kallenbach, that was a great event today. I wish you much success with your book and the resulting projects.”

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