What is coaching?

Coaching, or, more precisely, business coaching, is a process-oriented and accompanied consultation. This means that the coach advises the coachee in an advisory and individual way with professional and personal development, without providing any goals or solutions. The focus in coaching is thus on the advisory support for the realization of a self-determined development process.

We train companies

Intensive sparring for leaders makes decision-makers fit for the job in a constantly changing environment. The initial situation is always different. That is why we develop your individual personal, social and methodological skills together with you. The effectiveness of coaching has already been demonstrated in numerous studies.

Of course, we speak your language

Because many companies now operate globally, our coaches not only speak the language of the corporate cultures and strategists of the world, but also the corresponding languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Hungarian and Mandarin.

The effects of coaching

Coaching can have a positive impact on professional and personal development, as well as enhance personal wellbeing. Our experienced REFLECT coaches know how professional, private life and personal well-being interact with one another and support you with holistic self-development in all three areas.

Coaching Process

The coaching process is typically divided into seven phases, starting from the learning, through to the consultation and implementation, to anchoring the success of the changes. It’s particularly important at the beginning to build confidence, systemic analysis of the coachee by the coach, as well as a consistent implementation of the jointly developed action steps.

Unfolding potential through coaching

Coaching is an excellent framework for unfolding individual potential. In intensive coaching sessions, the coach allows their coachees profound self-reflection and new perspectives about their own personality and potential. With the help of the GENIUS® personality model, coachees can learn their personality traits, identify strengths and focus on their personal and professional development processes.

Coaching methods

Methods are not an end in themselves, but a means to an end. Coaching methods must therefore be adapted to the individual situation, and these are as multifaceted as you are. No coaching is the same, the basic value in a professional approach is the appreciation for and the in-depth understanding of the personality of the coachee.

Exemplary situations in which coaching can be used:

  1. Support when changing jobs (Transition coaching)
  2. Individual advice in organisational change processes
  3. Sparring for Leaders (Executive Coaching)
  4. Team development Career advice
  5. Self-discovery and reflection

REFLECT supports you not only through experienced coaches, but also through passionate and competent coaching instructors. The training for coaches is certified by us and the ProC Association.

Success factors for effective coaching

Coaching can only work successfully if both coach and coachee have certain prerequisites. The requirements for coaches are especially high – they must be experienced and competent and at the same time advise in a structured, systemic and in an intuitive way. With our practice-oriented and systemic coaching approach, we can offer you a transformational, valuable and sustainable coaching experience.

Through our customized services, we offer optimal coaching:

Intensive sparring for leaders makes decision-makers fit for the job in a constantly changing environment. The initial situation is always different. That is why we develop your personal, social and methodological skills individually and together with you.

  • Goal-oriented promotion of key personnel and teams
  • Executive Coaching – Sparring for your top executives
  • Transition coaching when taking over a new job
  • Coaching of key people in change processes
  • Career counselling with a focus on working out the uniqueness of a person (Genius model) and the deduction of appropriate career steps
  • Transfer coaching within the framework of support programs for the assistance of the individual transfer
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