Healthy Organisation | The Concept

In our over 20-year company history, we have worked together with numerous customers and gained valuable insights. For example, how ideal organisation can and should look like. So arises the concept of a healthy organisation, which combines all company dimensions in an inclusive model consisting of performance quality criteria, health, balance and unfolding potential.

Challenges in a 21st century business context

The economic context changes rapidly and unexpectedly. Businesses, that were market leaders yesterday, collapse due to the new rules of today’s business world. Organisations, which don’t notice or don’t take these signs seriously, can’t hold their ground in the age of digitalisation and quick learning competitors.

The herder of today's business context:

The new business context is frequently shorted, using the acronym VUCA:

  • Volatility: Today’s business context is extremely dynamic and continuously changes even faster, however, it’s not ordered or projectable, instead chaotic and erratic.
  • Uncertainty: The business environment, with reference to its development, is harder to predict, since one does not have all the information that would be necessary.
  • Complexity: The business context is also to be understood as a complex, coherent system, in which small changes of certain factors can trigger chain reactions (the famous butterfly effect).
  • Ambiguity: The reality in the business environment is not always clearly understandable and is not definable. Triggers and effects are not always clearly related to one another.

False solutions: How actionism leads to “Wrong Turns”

In the face of volatility, complexity and uncertainty, decision makers often resort to action based solutions. These are often short-term oriented and turn out to be fatal in the long run. Such ‘Wrong Turns’ happen because top managers underestimate the complexity of the market, do not have enough time for a reflected solution, or do not rely on the collective intelligence of the overall organization.

What's a ‚Wrong Turn‘?

Wrong turns are, simply put: wrong decisions, short cuts or ill-considered reactions, which turn out to be mistakes in the medium term. Symbolically, they show that in a decision, where there is a fork in the road, you decide on the pathway which turns out later to be the worst option. Often, one decides to take a “wrong turn” because this promises short term success and blocks the realistic view of the future.

Example of a “Wrong Turn”: Instead of looking at short term results, decision makers should find cause-related solutions.

Approaches for sustainable success in a volatile business world

But how can we face these new challenges and make meaningful business decisions? The following four solutions complement each other, offer a holistic perspective and can be customized to suit every company. As checkpoints, they help to avoid “Wrong Turns”.

What’s fundamental for all four approaches, is a new mindset and way of thinking, in contrast to the traditional management ideology:

  1. In the past, managers could often think and decide causally. However, they must learn to think systemically to differentiate and understand the causes and symptoms in view of the complexity and dynamics of today’s business environment.
  2. While it was previously assumed that high performance is always at the expense of one’s own health, those responsible should now know that performance and health are mutually strengthening.
  3. In the past, people often tried to eradicate weaknesses by means of forced learning. Today, people know that when their strengths and potential are focussed, people can unfold their abilities.
  4. In the past, leadership meant authority, control, and infallibility; Today, leadership is much more about service and support for self-management.

In our consulting philosophy, we advocate the promotion of these four approaches in your company to help you achieve exceptional performance.

The model of GO – a holistic business model for your success

What is a healthy organisation?

A healthy organization is sustainable, responsible and balanced, learns quickly, works on a sound economic basis, enables employees to achieve their own goals and create outstanding values for the organization and the customers. It has a long-term and clear future vision, for which everyone is engaged in a positive way.

The Healthy Organization model has been developed over many years and successfully applied in practice. The advantage is that the model provides a holistic overview of all company dimensions and incorporates leadership as a central lever in the analysis of the overall organization. A healthy organization thus represents a balanced ideal image, a model for orientation and self-orientation.

Get to know the concept of a healthy organization

The concept of a healthy organization brings out the full potential in companies. What are the challenges and plans in your company? We will show you the way to healthy organization in your company. In a free and non-binding initial-discussion. Call us – we will be happy to advise you: Tel.: +49 (06349) 96 30 228.

Implementing Healthy Organization – How does it work?

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