Our scientifically founded, tried and tested concept of the Healthy Organisation (GO) shows that companies that work healthily are in the long term significantly more powerful than purely profit or growth oriented companies.

Companies are complex systems

The GO model is based on the organisational development triangle, consisting of strategy, culture and structure, which are the cornerstones of every company. In order to better analyse and represent companies and their systemic, the dimensions of relationships, employees and processes were also integrated into the model. They bring life and workflows into the company, influence their character and make organisational relevant factors realistic. The six dimensions must equally be considered and balanced in order to strengthen the overall system as a whole.

It is therefore essential to think systemically in the configuration of your organisation; thus, not linear-causal, but circularly, as well as effect and solution-oriented. In addition, the development of a healthy organisation is important: performance and health are not mutually exclusive, but they are strengthened synergistically. Through systemic thinking and understanding of performance and health, potential can be identified and unfolded in all six corporate dimensions.

Leadership as a key

In fact, leadership is an important building block to unfold the potential of your employees and your company to achieve exceptional performance. Leadership is not seen as the classic authoritarian in the healthy organisation; Rather, leaders are service providers and context designers who support their employees in their individual potential development. Leaders in the Healthy Organisation follow the principles of Balanced Leadership, thus combining systemic thinking, performance and health understanding, as well as unfolding the potential of the self-, employee- and company management levels, and the six organisational dimensions in their leadership approach. Balanced leadership promotes efficient employees, relationships on the same level, a community culture, agile processes, adaptive structures and a market and resource oriented strategy.

Success through Healthy Organisation

The Healthy Organisation is sustainable, responsible and balanced, learns faster than its competitors, works on a sound economic basis, enables employees to achieve their own goals and create outstanding values for the organisation and customers, and has long term and clear vision for the future, for which everyone is engaged in a positive co-operation. In this way, it unfolds potential in all company dimensions and creates extraordinary performance, which ultimately is reflected in clear competitive advantages and long-term company success. We support you sustainably and effectively in the development of a healthy organisation.

Within the framework of the Healthy Organisation our services are:

  • Analysis of the current strengths and development fields of your organisation by means of a questionnaire (GO health check) including reports
  • Differentiated evaluation with regard to the critical success factors and the deduction of an effective strategy to improve the focused areas
  • Anchoring of sustainably effective concepts to increase the performance of key areas, as well as the entire company
  • Training and coaching your leaders in the field of Balanced Leadership
  • Integration of scientifically based knowledge and concepts within the measures

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