Looking back on the HOLACRACY-Workshop on October 25th, 2017, at the CyberForum Karlsruhe

HOLACRACY as an “operating system” of an agile, responsive and healthy organisation

A healthy organisation learns faster than its competitors, operates on a solid economic basis, enables employees to achieve their own goals and create outstanding value for the organisation and customers.

It acts sustainably, responsibly and in a balanced manner. It is agile and responsive.

The REFLECT future concept of a Healthy Organisation can be implemented with HOLACRACY as an “operating system”.

Our partner OOTW has already implemented the proven set of rules HOLACRACY© in several transformation projects and thus reliably supported and accompanied changes in organisations.

The following speakers brought their views to the point

Ingo Kallenbach

Melanie Vones

Dr.  F.  Klinkhammer

The key points of the workshop

  • “All organisations are in transformation because the world is in transformation.”
  • The world is becoming more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA).
  • It therefore requires responsive, healthy forms of organisation that enable sustainable success in international competition.
  • Holocracy is a management approach/operating system that meets the current framework conditions.
  • Holocracy enables agility and efficiency because it is based on evolutionary growth, which arises in self-organised teams with clear role assignment.
  • Holocracy is not an all-purpose weapon, nor is it a dogma; it must fit people and the context in which they live.

The presentations of the workshop

We gladly provide you with the presentations of the workshop by Dr. Frank Klinkhammer / Melanie Vones (Netcentric / OOTW) and Ingo Kallenbach (Reflect) as well as a whitepaper on the topic of Holacracy as a download (in German only).

Holacracy Presentation Kallenbach

Holacracy Presentation Klinkhammer

Holacracy Whitepaper

Pictures from the workshop at the CyberForum Karlsruhe

Here you can see our speakers and participants in action.