GOOD GUIDANCE MAKES SUCCESSFUL – Module 1: Guidance enables results

In the end, the result counts. Managers have a clear mission: to help shape the success of the company. In return, they are entrusted to employees. Managing these employees in such a way that the results are correct is the central task of a manager and content of this seminar.


The workshop is the first in a series of successful guided tour events. Through input, exercises and self-reflection you will receive valuable suggestions and tools for your own further development. Each module is self-contained and is also suitable as a stand-alone opportunity for personal training.

Leadership is a central component of every company. With the right kind of leadership, several central conditions are fulfilled that are necessary to be successful as a company. In addition to focusing on achieving goals by means of coordination and task distribution, a manager is responsible for keeping the motivation of the employees at a high level and ensuring their cohesion.

In addition to professional skills, the focus is increasingly on other competencies. In today’s world, managers must be able to master and apply different leadership techniques. Both the social relationships of employees among themselves and between employees and managers are crucial to success. They must also be taken into account by the manager accordingly.

Finding conflict solutions and setting an example of the values postulated in the company complete a good management style.


Topics covered:

  • Tools and tasks of leadership
  • Prepare, make and track decisions
  • Conducting delegation talks, checking results
  • Possibilities and limitations of feedback

Managing employees to achieve their goals requires a wide range of leadership techniques. This includes decision-making certainty, delegation skills and the ability to give employees appropriate feedback.

Based on their own experience, the participants work out the basic tasks and tools of leadership and get to know a comprehensive model. They deal with the framework conditions of good decisions and reflect their own decision-making patterns, taking into account managers.


No special previous knowledge ist required.


All managers who want to expand their existing skills or are interested in new impulses to be successful in their job as managers.


1 day


As an in-house event at your location.


The workshop is led by Florian Winhart (graduate psychologist), Senior Consultant of Reflect GmbH & Co. KG. He works as a freelance consultant, coach and trainer in profit and non-profit organisations. His work focuses on executive development, personnel development, business coaching and change management.

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