Your competitors are growing faster than your company – what do you do?

The typical (actionistic) attempt to solve strategy problems

  • Situation

    You work in the management of an online trade. In the last few months, you have consistently analyzed business development and found that other websites are becoming much more frequented and increasing their market share, while your company’s revenues are stagnating and even slightly declining.

  • Approach

    You improve your offer. If others are better, it’s usually because they offer a wider range of products, cheaper prices or more exclusive items. The logical step is therefore to carry out a “benchmarking”. They find that other online merchants have more attractive websites and offer more modern brands. They decide to invest primarily in these two areas.

Stop! When is a strategy healthy?

Okay, you know more about your competitors now.

But how well do you know your own company and your customers? Maybe your customers even like the website and your offer. Comparison with competitors alone is not enough to understand a symptom.

Maybe your customer service is insufficient or customer orders are often delayed. Or the accessibility by phone is poor, the telephone staff is unfriendly or ignorant. Or the website lacks information on where and how your products are manufactured and how important sustainability and fair trade are to you.

  • Competitors take advantage of this and determine the market development.

  • Innovation is decreasing.

  • The satisfaction of customers and partners decreases significantly.

The better solution: market- and resource-oriented strategies

What do we mean by a market- and resource-oriented strategy?

Strategy is the entirety of all activities of an organisation for the sustainable achievement of its purpose and the goals derived from it. It is based on the mission statement, which describes the future vision, the meaning and purpose of the organisation and its values. A market- and resource-oriented strategy ensures the sense of purpose and survival on the way to achieving the vision of the future, always taking into account the responsibility of the organisation towards employees, customers, society and the environment.

How do you create such a strategy?

Invest sufficient time to make the sense of your company clear and to involve everyone in it. Keep the balance between turnover, profit and sustainability (economic, social, ecological). Face the tension between dynamising and stabilizing, which arises through permanent changes. Do not initiate false incentive systems, but answer the following questions: Why do we do what we do (meaning)? What do we want to achieve (goal)? How do we want to act (practices)?

Get to know the concept of a Healthy Organisation

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