Fredmund Malik said:”Management is the profession of delivering results” (but the commitment must be right!). It must be understood that (positive) results can only be achieved if the organization and its parts (strategy, structure, culture, leadership and employees) are healthy.


Regenerative management promotes the company’s health in the categories described above and makes it flourish. In the end, employees are more motivated, fit and efficient, which has a positive effect on the company’s performance.


The workshop is very much about energy (=performance, willingness to perform, power, power, drive, knowledge, skills, commitment,…) which has to be recharged after consumption. Regenerative leadership supports this process in two ways. On the one hand it should be resource-saving, i. e. only as much energy is consumed as can be replenished in the foreseeable future, and on the other hand this type of management should be efficient and effective. This means that the energy consumed is used as effectively (effectively) and efficiently (economically).

Regenerative management is understood on four different levels:

  • “I”(micro-level) –> self-confidence, self-esteem, inner attitude
  • “You” (Meso level) –> Behavioral impact of managers, needs and wishes of employees
  • “We” (macro level) –> What does the organization want? Is that consistent with my goals? Matching of meaning and objectives between persons and organisations
  • “All” (Mundo level) –> The “Big Whole”, 3 pillars of sustainability

Leadership is usually understood at the middle two levels:

Meso-level: I as a leader of my team and my department. At this level, it is all about the individual strengths of my employees, the communication and the question of how the individual skills of the employees can be complemented to the strengths of the team.

Macro level: As a manager, I am involved in the company and act as a tool for implementing organizational requirements. At this level, it deals with topics such as the company’s mission statement, strategy and the contribution that your team can make to achieving corporate goals.

These two levels need to be consciously extended: Up and down around the micro and Mundo levels!

Micro level: Everything outside is resonance of the inside: It starts with self-knowledge (self-)confidence, (self-)respect and (self-)leadership.

Leadership is above all a question of the inner attitude! The most important step on the way to becoming a manager is the decision for it! One must develop an awareness of one’s own strengths and competencies. In addition, one should try to recognize what fulfills one fully and where one sees the meaning of one’s activity.

Mundo level: Internalisation of external factors

Economic success is a consequence of internal conditions, and the ability of all resources to regenerate must be taken into account. It’s about the social benefits that you produce. Questions should revolve around the ecological, economic and social contribution we make and what we might do to make the world a little better.


    No special previous knowledge is required.


    Managers from all areas of the company.


    1 day


    As an in-house event at your location.


    The workshop will be led by Prof. Frank Widmayer (graduate industrial engineer), partner of Reflect GmbH & Co. KG. He works as a freelance consultant, coach and trainer in profit and non-profit organisations. His work focuses on executive development, implementation of new leadership concepts, innovation management and the strategic orientation of the company.

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