Healthy Organisation | successful implementation

We are your competent partner for the successful implementation of a healthy organisation and balanced management in your company. With the aid of various analyses and training methods as well as continuous monitoring, we accompany you on the way to a healthy organisation.

Health check: how healthy is your company?

HO stands for healthy organisation. The HO Health Check is a questionnaire that provides you with information and impulses on how far you are on your way to a “healthy organisation”. In this way, we can determine where your strengths lie and where your main areas of development are located. You will receive an analysis of the dimensions strategy, structures, culture, processes, employees, culture and leadership. Each of these dimensions can be evaluated on a scale from -5 to +5. The ideal state is at zero. Our research and collaboration with many customers has shown us that corporate dimensions can vary between two opposing poles, but ideally there should be a balance between these extremes.

Example: Some companies have bloated processes with thousands of process plans, clear regulations – zero flexibility and adaptability. On the contrary, other organizations install almost no processes, or only very lean process systems – at the expense of efficiency. Both approaches thus lead to reduced efficiency, while the ideal state, i. e. the zero point, would be reached if a company creates agile processes that can be used in a reflective way and adapted to the situation. The five other dimensions of the company follow exactly this principle.

Risk analysis: identifying risks and avoiding hazards

The health of employees is an important basic requirement for successful companies. A healthy organisation is not possible without them. Therefore, there are legal minimum requirements here. With a risk analysis, we support you in carrying out a legally prescribed risk assessment in your company and in implementing sensible occupational safety measures.

Occupational health and safety act §3 (1) and §4 (1):

“[The employer] must aim to improve the safety and health of workers… Work must be designed in such a way as to minimise risks to life, physical and mental health. The employer must assess the hazard and determine which occupational safety measures are necessary.”

The risk analyses we carry out will save you time in the preparation, processing and documentation of your risk assessments.

Expert lextures: valuable insights – sustainable impulses

You want to enrich your change process with inspirations and provide your employees and colleagues with valuable expert knowledge? We regularly work out and hold lectures on selected topics related to a healthy organisation. We would be happy to visit you as speakers for a specialist lecture and coordinate the target group, content and time frame with you individually.

What is the topic that concerns you and your company?

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Workshop series: balanced leadership

Managers face greater challenges than ever before. Instead of directing, delegating and deciding, modern managers must moderate, coach, involve and design. With our series of workshops: Balanced Leadership, we help you adapt leadership in your company to the challenges of the 21st century.

Continuous monitoring: targeted control thanks to transparent data

Success can only be understood if it becomes measurable. With our continuous monitoring we support you in determining the success of trainings, workshops and seminars – on the basis of five evaluation criteria.

Over several phases, we collect and analyse training and workshop data in order to enable you to make a financial and qualitative assessment of our methods. The end result is a transparent report that enables us to evaluate the success of our collaboration.

Success story: for the development of a Healthy Organisation

Case Study: a leading international consulting firm becomes a Healthy Organisation

One of our customers who has implemented the Healthy Organization is an internationally leading consulting firm in the field of customer management and CRM or “Customer Relationship Management”. This consulting service supports companies in the digital transformation of business processes in marketing, sales and service. Reflect has been supporting this consulting firm since 2010 as part of a company-wide organizational and management development process. Together with the consulting firm, we developed four steps to achieve the goal of a healthy ec4u.

Reference example ec4u:

  1. Introduction of control circuit
  2. Close cooperation and exchange at eye level with HR and the executive board
  3. Consistent involvement of managers as multipliers
  4. Successive build-up of knowledge and skills – ensuring transfer by means of an overall architecture
  5. Trainings: guardrail workshops, leadership training, roll-out workshops on employee level, sports and nutritional offers
  6. Anchorage – integration in personnel instruments and an integral part of employee surveys