What leadership do modern companies need today and in the future?

The working world is becoming agile. If you google the term “New Work” you get over 1 billion contributions (as of April 2017). Is it ultimately only a fashion term with relatively little innovative substance? We don’t think so. The world of work is actually changing: it is becoming more agile, more networked, more occupationally open, more flexible, flatter, more democratic, more transparent and 4.0 industrial.



Existing management concepts often no longer seem to fit in with the times. A new way of thinking and redefinition is on the agenda. As a result, obsolete processes and systems have to be adapted to the new working world, such as employee appraisals, evaluation systems, competence management instruments and talent management software.
Many managers who are currently on the job are dissatisfied with their kind of leadership and would like to lead differently (mostly “more modern”), but do not know how (a study in managerSeminare 2015, 202). If you as a decision-maker want to meet these challenges actively and successfully, you cannot avoid dealing with the approaches of the “new world of work”.



Frequently cited guiding principles of a future world of work could be concepts such as potential development, regenerative principles, democratisation, participation or “leadership at eye level”. In this workshop they will be described and it will be shown what companies and entrepreneurs can do concretely to react to today’s needs and prepare for the future.


No special previous knowledge ist required.


Managers from all areas of the company.


1 day


As an in-house event at your company.


The workshop is led by Prof. Frank Widmayer (graduate industrial engineer), Partner of Reflect GmbH & Co. KG. He works as a freelance consultant, coach and trainer in profit and non-profit organizations. His work focuses on leadership development, implementation of new leadership concepts, innovation management and the strategic orientation of the company.

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