“We’ve waited all our lives for the extraordinary man, rather than turning the ordinary people around us into such people.” (Hans-Urs of Balthasar)

The War for Talents has become a reality in organisations. Medium-sized companies in particular are feeling the effects of this: it is becoming increasingly difficult to find, attract and retain suitable specialists and managers. HR is particularly in demand and must focus its measures and programs accordingly.


In HR, mentoring is part of the standard of modern personnel and management development. However, it is often the case that programmes are poorly implemented and there is a lack of acceptance within organisations and their members. In this way, the success of the measure is endangered and there is a need to learn the right tools to put your formal mentoring program on a solid footing.

The primary aim is to simplify the smooth implementation in the participants’ own organisation by means of practical case studies, modern approaches, helpful checklists (with direct reference to the work on their own topics). Thoughtfully conceived and professionally organised, a mentoring programme has a cultural and meaningful effect on all those involved. Raising this potential benefit is the demand for a good mentoring program and mentoring program management.

The seminar imparts the essential basic knowledge in mentoring program management. Based on the modules I and II, the participants get an overview of the most important steps and a practice-oriented toolbox for their own work. In addition, the seminar will also take a look at the organisational relationships between participants, stakeholder groups and options for action in order to successfully use mentoring as a tool for increasing the attractiveness of employers and promoting the development of young professionals and managers.



  • Megatrends and fast track: opportunities for the future
  • Benefits and Importance of Mentoring
  • Meaningful areas of application for mentoring

Key concepts in mentoring

  • Classic and new mentoring forms plus future-oriented approaches
  • Target groups and their needs
  • Practical case studies and transfer to own work

Basics of the program

  • Marketing as a personnel and organisational development programme
  • Cultural and meaningful marketing campaigns (case work)
  • Dealing with resistance and early expectation management (case work)
  • Acquisition of promoters (participants, coaches, buyers and decision-makers)

Conception and planning of the program

  • Demand analysis for strategic orientation
  • Costs and financing of mentoring programs
  • Development of the programme (processes, structures and working materials)
  • Roles in Mentoring and Delimitation


No special previous knowledge is required.


All those involved in the conception and organisation of Mentoring Program Management, i. e. managing directors, HR managers, HR and organisational developers, personnel and organisation staff.


1 day


As an in-house event at your location.


The workshop will be led by Angela G. C. Donath, Consultant of Reflect GmbH & Co. KG. She works as a consultant, moderator and trainer in profit and non-profit organisations. Her work focuses on the following areas: HR management strategies and processes, employee retention programs, surveys, HR management workshops/moderations, mentoring research and business development.

The workshop will also be led by Dr. Christine Menges, Senior Consultant of Reflect GmbH & Co. KG. She is Director Career Development at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Düsseldorf and works as a consultant and trainer in profit and non-profit organizations. Her work focuses on the following areas: Corporate Relations, Business Development, Mentoring Research, Talent Management Workshops/Trainings and Leadership Consulting.

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