GO health check

The following questionnaire provides a first position determination on how "healthy" your company currently is. From your answers to the individual questions we will determine a maturity level which will be an indicator of how far you are on your way to a "healthy organisation", where your strengths and your biggest development areas are. You will receive an analysis on the following dimensions: strategy, structures, culture, processes, employees, culture and leadership.

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The Genius is the particular, the unique of a person. One could call it the specific "crystallisation point" of the individual uniqueness or "inner knowledge". In this personality model which we developed from practise, the Genius portrays the whole of the personality components and their interaction. With this questionnaire you will find out more about yourself and which occupational as well as private environment fits best to you as an individual. The better you manage the fit, the better your lasting perfomance, motivation and balance will be.

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Insights MDI EQ

Instrument for measuring the emotional intelligence quotient. The EQ report measures your emotional Intelligence, that is your ability to percieve, understand and systematically apply emotions in order to improve your cooperation with others and to increase your productivity. The report gives you insights into two areas: intrapersonal and interpersonal emotional intelligence. Intrapersonal intelligence refers in particular to your self-perception, self regulation and motivation; interpersonal intelligence on the other hand to your empathy and social competency.

Emotional Quotient Analysis | TriMetrix EQ

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Team analysis

True team work in most companies still is a rare phenomenon. Team work is not possible because the team members unknowingly fall into five pitfalls of human, but neveretheless dangerous misconduct. Lencioni (2008) describes these pitfalls as the five "illnesses". Your answers will serve as a good basis for the analysis of your team and for an optimised consluting service that is individually adapted to you and your team.

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Motivation test

The motivation concept goes back to the Transactional Analysis. The first description can be found with Kahler (1977). First, this concept was only used in therapy, however, it is excellently suited for personnel development as well. 

"Motivators" are parental messages that have developed into standards of conduct over time. Often these motivators "control" us without us being aware of it. In a reflected confrontation with your motivators you can develop a clear understanding of which dynamics trigger your motivators and how you want to handle this. This test will help you discover your personal motivators.

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Contract clarification

Find the answers to questions concerning contexts and orders here. They form the base for the optimum consultation.

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Our partner for talent management software: this instrument will enable you to win, develop and keep your talents! Under the following link you can find more information about the software - please contact us for assistance in implementing this instrument.

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