Change management

To change is human

Companies are constantly on the move. The people that work there and push them on change permanently. Therofore, there are always two side that need to be considered in a focused change management: on the one hand, the hard facts of the economic situation, on the other the characters that are involved in the planned changes. Only a proper linking of both sides leads to a reasonable and good outcome.

We accompany processes

Your change process can have many reasons. With our change concept that encompasses seven main lines of action we support you in implementing your plans. Become an agile and adaptive organisation, for which change is not an exception but a matter of fact. Along this way there are numerous new organizational structures suitable for your company: from an agile network organisation via holocratic approaches up to ambidextrous operating systems in which classical, hierarchical organizational structures harmonise with network organizations. 

We accompany your change process with the following services:

  • structured (pre-) diagnostic (qualitative and quantitative procedure)
  • strategy meetings, e.g. for working out strategic targets on executive level
  • maturity models, change phases, stakeholder analysis, project setting analysis
  • application of the principles of strengths orientation, sense coupling, agility, customer centricity, T-shaped teams
  • "Komplexithoden" for the VUCA world: consent, consultative individual decisions, change as flip, agile project work, "Kompleximeetings", time budgeting
  • working on values and attitudes
  • executive coaching within the scope of change processes
  • large group moderations (e.g. kick-off events)
  • regular reviews to reflect successes and failures within the scope of the organisational development