We train companies

Intensive sparring for management staff prepares decision-makers for their positions in a constantly changing environment. The starting situation is always different. That’s why we develop your personal, social and methodical competencies with you, both individually and together. How well this instrument works has already been proven in countless studies.

Of course we speak your language

Because so many of today’s companies are global, our coaches not only speak the language of the world’s corporate cultures and strategists, but various other languages as well: German, English, French, Spanish, Hungarian and Mandarin.

Our individualised services offer optimal coaching: 

  • target-oriented promotion of individuals and teams
  • executive coaching - sparring for your top executives
  • transition coaching for taking over a new job
  • coaching of key persons in change processes
  • career coaching with focus on finding the uniqueness of a person (Genius model) and deriving appropriate career steps
  • transfer coaching within the scope of promotion programmes to support individual transfer