Management diagnostics

Useful analysis

By analysing the social and methodical competencies of your company’s staff and management we are able to define specific measures for personnel development. In turn, we can measure and evaluate the success of these measures. We use this information as the basis for self-assessments, external assessments and nominal assessments, and use the resulting information for subsequent or further development measures.

Transparent results

We use the findings obtained in the analysis to develop the optimum competency model for you. We will be equally pleased to provide you with other scientifically valid models. We keep the necessary expenditure to a minimum by utilising online processes. At the same time, we provide the maximum speed and transparency of the competency analyses within your potential assessment processes.

For a precise diagnostic we offer different services:

  • clear concepts with regard to potentials, talents, strengths and competencies of your employees
  • diagnostic instruments (e.g. Genius, Insights MDI, OPQ)
  • setup and development of suitable talent management models
  • conception and performance of assessment-, development centers and management audits
  • determining focused personnel development measures