Profile – What Reflect can offer you

We are an owner managed consultancy company and have been a partner for large and middle-sized companies for strategic personnel development and leadership development, for more than 20 years. We want to develop people and companies by supporting them and making them into a successful healthy organisation.

We work on holistic solutions for companies, that unlock the potential of employees and fully develop the culture you want. Our name “Reflect” stands for the process of handling reflection – together with you. Through specific reflection new perspectives and solutions arise – for more performance, health and a guaranteed future for your company.

  • Reflect awakens your unknown capabilities

    You would like to organise your processes more efficiently? You would like to improve your added value and to have a competitive advantage? We will tell you how to achieve that.

  • Reflect gives new impulses and creates sustainable success

    You have a clear demand and we will orientate ourselves exactly around this. We reflect and analyse your specific situation and on this basis, develop informed solutions. That’s how we do it.

  • Reflect is beneficial for individuals and your whole organisation will profit from this

    Your company will be more successful if your employees and leaders are developing further. Therefore, we work on individual social and methodological competences in your company, together with you.

  • Reflect unfolds potential!

    With your employees. In your entire company. In the marketplace and with your customers.

Portfolio – How we work for you

Leadership development

Discover and develop with us the real drivers and decision makers in your company!

Change Management

We accompany you in changing times to adjust strategies, structures and systems within your organization.

Healthy Organisation

The Healthy Organization describes a holistically balanced company with health excellence in all dimensions.

Workplace Change

Environment and interaction must come together and be thought of together. Workplace Change is the way to bring both together.

Personnel Development

Our vision is to create exceptional performance through potential folding.


Together with you, we develop tailor-made / first-class solutions for the requirements of your professional life.

A selection of Reflect customers

The Reflect Team – Your potential unfolders

  • "There is no point in hiring clever people and then telling them what to do; we hire clever people so they can tell us what to do.“

    Steve Jobs

    Ingo Kallenbach

  • "People make strategies work.“


    Justus Böckheler

  • “The world as we created it is a product of our thoughts. We cannot change it without changing our thinking.“

    Albert Einstein

    Detlef Gumze

  • “The overwhelming majority of successful innovations exploit change.“

    Peter F. Drucker

    Andreas Jobmann

  • "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.“

    Henry Ford

    Heike Krassnitzer

  • “If everything is to stay as it is, everything must change!"

    Guiseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

    Sven Lakner

  • “The only way to do great work is to love what you do!"

    Steve Jobs

    Andrea Lipp

  • “The highest level of listening is to support the partner in self-explanation.”

    Christoph Thomann/Friedemann Schulz von Thun

    Kerstin Maier

  • “In order to see clearly, a change of perspective is sufficient.”

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

    Jan von Nida

  • “We can’t change the wind, but set sail differently.”


    Birgit Stetter

  • Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

    Winston Churchill

    Philipp Stavenhagen

  • “Becoming human is an art.”


    Matthias Tholen

  • "The key to change is to let go of fear.“

    Rosanne Cash

    Susanna Ulrich

  • “Truth is the invention of a liar.“

    Heinz von Foerster

    Prof. Frank Widmayer

  • “All people and things have a special perspective. Some have to be seen up close and personal in order to judge them, others from a distance.“

    François de La Rochefoucauld

    Lara Wilhelms