Healthy Organisation | balanced leadership

Balanced leadership describes a management style that focuses on the fulfillment of the following management tasks:

  • Leadership as support for self-management
  • Design of a constructive working context for all employees
  • Identification and development of all individual as well as team and organisational potentials
  • Management as a service to the employee

This type of leadership is’ balanced’, as managers aim to bring the individual company dimensions and the overall organization into harmony with themselves and their environment.

Sustainable competitive advantages through leadership development

Sustainable and effective leadership development in the direction of balanced leadership generates clear competitive advantages. We support you in designing a holistic and targeted executive development programme and are at your side as experts, coaches and sparring partners.

Promoting the future

In times of “war for talent” and a shortage of skilled workers, sustainable, future-oriented talent management is essential. Support programmes and further education support the development of balanced leadership within the company. This means that those responsible learn how to lead themselves, their team and the company as a whole in a way that is focused on strengthening their strengths, being positive, value-oriented, sustainable and future-oriented.

Workshops: Holistic development of self-, employee- and company management

With our workshops you strengthen the leadership competence of your employees holistically. Our wide range of workshops offers support in all leadership situations. Here are just a few examples from our workshop program:

Coaching: Individual support for your leadership success

Managers are the key figures in every company and therefore represent a central system element that needs to be promoted. It is crucial to identify, focus and promote the individual potential and strengths of each manager. Through our individually adapted services we offer optimal coaching.

Reflect offers not only coaching. We also give you the opportunity to work as a coach in your own field of activity. For this purpose, we have created a special coaching concept in years of practical work, which sees organisations and people holistically. We train managers, personnel developers, consultants and trainers to become mindfulness-based, systemic coaches.

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