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            Describing an desirable future.


            Health-Check for organizations
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            Discover hidden potential in the team.

            Blended Trainings
            Intensive support meets maximum flexibility.

            Expert talks
            Valuable insights - sustainable impulses.


            An excerpt of our products and services


            REFLECT Workshop

            Target aim workshop

            Describing a desirable future

            Develop with us an inspiring picture of the future for your individual concern. Our professional consultants support you in setting the essential course to anchor a common orientation. In doing so, we pay attention to the interdependencies of the different issues involved and help you to work out the core in a meaningful way.


            Examples of target images: Leadership mission statement, project vision, future collaboration or realignment of a team or company.


            For a target image workshop incl. preparation and follow-up with a 1-day workshop on-site at your location or virtually, we charge 5,350 Euro net plus travel expenses.

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            Health-Check for organizations

            How healthy is your organization?

            The HO Health-Check for companies: How healthy is your organization?

            The online test followed by a 1-day workshop on the Healthy Organization provides you with an initial assessment of how "healthy" your company currently is.

            Determine the maturity level of your organization. Get clues and impulses on how far you are on the way to a "Healthy Organization". Learn where your organization's strengths lie and what your biggest areas of development are.

            Do you know these questions: What is going on here? Something is wrong, but what?

            As an evaluation after an online survey, qualitative interviews with up to 8 participants you will receive a Preparation of the analysis on the dimensions of strategy, structures, culture, processes, employees, culture and leadership. In a 1-day workshop, we then get to the bottom of the matter together and identify the key issues in detail.

            For the Go-Check we charge 7,990 Euro net plus travel expenses.

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            REFLECT Gesunde Organisation
            REFLECT Insights MDI

            Team Insights

            Discover hidden potential in the team

            The online test for managers and / or teams with Insights MDI incl. subsequent 1-day workshop on site or virtually.

            How much do you managers and employees already use their potential today? What should you work on specifically to be even more effective and successful? Use one of the world's best-known leadership/personality tests.

            Use meaningful instruments to determine (unconscious) behavioral preferences and motives in everyday work. A test from MDI. The MDI-Insights Diagnostic Tools are used in over 30 countries worldwide and are standard instruments in large corporations and medium-sized companies alike. The suitable personality test for employees, managers, salespersons, top executives. Also well applicable and valuable for whole teams, departments and the entire organization.

            Online test with over 40 pages of written results documentation on personal potential. View a DEMO EVALUATION (PDF download) of the Leadership Insights test.

            For a Team-Insights (up to 10 participating persons) we charge 6,700 Euro net plus travel expenses.

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            Blended Trainings

            Intensive support meets maximum flexibility.

            Our blended trainings combine the advantages of virtual delivery (time savings, free time allocation without location restrictions, convenient navigation and availability) with the proven components of presence (intensive exchange with trainer and participants, personal experience, variety of methods). We always design them to be entertaining, practical and to the point.

            In addition to a basic offering for all interested parties, the "Praxiswerkstatt Führung" series is aimed specifically at executives. The individual modules in this series are interrelated and coordinated, but can also be taken separately and independently of each other. Here you will find an overview of the individual modules.

            Blended training enables increased learning and transfer success as well as the highest possible practical relevance, as concrete topics, questions and practical cases are discussed and concrete support for the individual objectives of the participants is ensured.

            The hybrid model is significantly more efficient in implementation, learning content is available more quickly and - depending on the situation/desire - is possible in presence or completely virtually or online without compromising quality.

            In order to keep track of the multitude of e-learning offers, we curate offers tailored to your needs that are already on the market, offer our own modules and, on request, are happy to produce your own personal training modules.

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            REFLECT Blended Training
            REFLECT_Treppe aufwärts

            Expert talks

            Valuable insights - sustainable impulses

            Do you want to enrich your change process with inspiration and provide your employees and colleagues with valuable expert knowledge? We regularly develop and hold lectures on selected topics related to the Healthy Organization. We would be happy to come to you as speakers for an expert talk and coordinate the target group, the content and the time frame individually with you. In presence or virtually.

            What is the topic that concerns you and your company?

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