Your organisation: Ready for complexity?

We will analyse the current evolutionary stage in dealing with complexity in your organisation and will work out how you can further increase this complexity competence.


In his book “Reinventing organisations” Frédéric Laloux describes the history and evolutionary stages of organizations along their ability to deal with complexity. It describes various organisational models of economic history, with their specific structure, practices, processes and underlying values. The highest evolutionary stage,”evolutionary-teal”, is described by the organisational model of the self-regulating network.


You will be in these two days:

  • Get an overview of the concept by Frédéric Laloux
  • Analyze which development stage best describes the characteristics of your organization
  • Critically examine the structure, practices, processes, and underlying values of your organization with respect to its suitability for the organizational environment.
  • Learn about approaches to deal with the complexity of companies at higher evolutionary levels
  • Based on numerous impulses, develop measures that can help your organization move from the current evolutionary stage to the next.


No special previous knowledge is required.


Managers who are faced with the challenge of organizational development, who want to critically examine the fit of their organization to a complex and digitized environment, and who want to learn about some possibilities and ways of transformation.


2 days


As an in-house event on your premises.


The workshop will be led by Sven Lakner (MA Public Policy & Management), Senior Consultant of Reflect GmbH & Co. KG. For several years he was head of PE and academy of a medium-sized company and is now working as a freelance consultant, coach and trainer in profit and non-profit organisations. His work focuses on executive development, personnel development, business coaching and change management.

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