Reflect stands for the process of reflected action – together with you as a customer. Because through targeted reflection new perspectives are created: People are better able to put themselves in the shoes of others. The own horizon expands for multidimensional perspectives. And where no solution was previously possible or conceivable, outstanding ideas and options emerge.

Well-founded since 1995

In 1995 Reflect was founded by Ingo Kallenbach and other students of the University of Koblenz-Landau. Today Reflect consists of a team of experts with predominantly psychological-pedagogical, medical and commercial backgrounds. Each of them possesses outstanding knowledge and skills in their respective fields of work and is part of the holistic solutions for your company.

Work method

We think in problem situations, not in industries. Typically Reflect. We work on a case-by-case basis and not in general!


We want to support people and companies in their development into a “healthy organization” and make them successful in the long term.


Competence, integrity and fun at work.


Human, economically successful, sustainable and not copyable – our vision for your company!


Your potential developers

Our core team, consisting of cooperation partners with diverse, interdisciplinary expertise, is ready to support your projects.

Kai Aselmeyer

Justus Böckheler

Tina Dieterich

Angela G. C. Donath

Prof. Dr. Eckrich

Detlef Gumze

Rainer Hußmann

Andreas Jobmann

Ingo Kallenbach

Anja Kirchgessner

Dr. Gottfried Kommescher

Kristina Knopp

Kristina Knopp

Heike Krassnitzer

Stephen Kunstmann

Sven Lakner

Andrea Lipp

Andrea Lipp

Kerstin Maier

Christina Martin

Jan von Nida

Dr. Monika Nitsch-Kirsch

Wolfgang Sauer

Martina Scharf

Philipp Stavenhagen

Birgit Stetter

Matthias Tholen

Susanna Ulrich

Prof. Frank Widmayer

Lara Wilhelms

Florian Winhart



Consultant for Strategic Personnel Development

We are always looking for top consultants, trainers and coaches and look forward to receiving your application. Please send it to Anja Kirchgessner via Email: