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            Our expert in mediation - finds solutions in solidified situations.

            Andrea Friedrich

            Andrea Friedrich

            Deep beneath our conflicts is a humanity that connects us all. At times, that deeper reality is clearly present in helping guide parties in mediation toward resolution. A challenging conflict is a start to work together for the better.

            Gary Friedman & Jack Himmelstein

            Professional background

            • Study of agriculture (Dipl.-Ing.agr.)

            • Doctorate at the Institute of Molecular Physiology and Biotechnology of Plants, Bonn (Dr.)

            • 2004-2006 Lecturer with teaching assignment at the Rheinische-Friedrich-Wilhelms University, Bonn

            • Since 2007 Coaching, training and mediation

            • Mediation licences A, B, D, S

            • 2020 Internationally certified mediator D.A.CH. (according to German mediation training regulations)

            • Mediation supervisor

            • Accompaniment of various transformation/ and change initiatives with emerging conflict potential

            • REFLECT certification as a consultant on healthy organization

            Key areas of work

            • Systemic consultant

            • Master-Coach NLP

            • Supervision

            • Training and Leadership training (mediation)

            • Group-moderation and mediation

            • Leadership development

            • Agile transformation

            • Working language German and Englisch

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            Andrea Friedrich
            Andrea Friedrich