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            Organisational development for more sustainability.

            Natalie Kuba

            Natalie Kuba

            Our society must move from ego-system to eco-system economics. This requires that we shift from ego-system silos to eco-system awareness that considers others and includes the whole.

            Otto Scharmer

            Professional background

            • Masterclass Metatheoretical Organisational Consulting (Hephaistos, not yet completed)
            • Consultant for Global Change (Terra Institute)
            • Systemic Competence (Les Enfants Terribles)
            • Digital Marketing (HfWU Nürtingen
            • Media and Communication Management (SRH Heidelberg)
            • Setting up departments and leading team
            • Specialist and process consulting in Marketing & Corporate Communication
            • REFLECT certification as a consultant for healthy organisation

            Key areas of work

            • Nachhaltigkeitsberatung inkl. zielgruppenspezifischer Kommunikationskampagnen
            • Sustainability consulting incl. target group-specific communication campaigns
            • Team development & improvement of cooperation across teams
            • Leadership development
            • Employee experience & employer branding
            • Personal branding & positioning of managers
            • Corporate Communication: development of integrated communication strategies, including crisis communication, change communication
            • Marketing strategies and campaigns
            • Value proposition design
            • Performance marketing strategies B2B (SEM, social media etc.)
            • Coaching & Learning Journeys

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            Natalie Kuba
            Natalie Kuba