Strengthening people's self-organization through emotional intelligence

            Christian Ried

            Christian Ried Reflect Beratung

            In a sense, we learn from the past what to predict for the future and then live the future we expect.

            Regina Pally

            Professional background

            • As a business economist by training, I combine my many years of expertise in the dynamics of social systems with experience from traditional management consulting and the corporate world, as well as a deep understanding of business processes and structures

            • My approach is shaped by my systemic training and qualification as an agile organizational consultant, coupled with certification as a coach for personal development.

            • As a coach and trainer, I focus on the core competencies of emotional intelligence and use established positive psychology formats.

            • As a meditation teacher, I find the basis in the teachings on mindfulness in the Satipatthana Sutta.

            Key areas of work

            • Self-leadership: executive coaching for people in leadership roles who are looking for one-to-one advice
            • Leading leaders: Executive team coaching for leadership teams who strive for effectiveness and high performance

            • Leading organizations: managing change in the company       

              I work from three perspectives:

            • You as a person in your emotional maturation
              • Your ability to perceive, regulate and manage yourself in the long term
              • Your social intelligence in your interaction with others
              • Training your mind with the help of secular forms of mindfulness
            • You on the path to professional mastery in leadership
              • Your understanding of your role
              • Your knowledge of the expectations of you and your expectations of others
              • Your embeddedness in the systemic context of the organization and your understanding of its internal dynamics
            • Your alignment with a larger whole
              • What do you draw strength from, what gives meaning to your actions?
              • What can and wants to blossom in you and through you?

            Let us strengthen your opportunities together!

            I look forward to hearing from you.

            Christian Ried Reflect Beratung
            Christian Ried