Based on positive psychology and Gallup research, Positive Leadership (PL) creates the conditions for a healthy organization that enables exceptional performance on the one hand and healthy co-existence on the other.


In this seminar we would like to introduce you to a relatively new, scientifically based approach to leadership – Positive Leadership – and introduce you to the basic concept.

There are many leadership theories and styles. However, most of them are in fact only theories and not scientifically proven. Positive leadership, on the other hand, can draw on facts:

  • What makes companies successful?
  • What keeps employees motivated, committed and healthy?

Positive leadership is therefore not a theory but simply the answer to these two questions.

Positive leadership is based on three pillars:

1. Strengths

As a manager, you move away from wanting to fundamentally change people. Rather, it is about identifying the strengths, working on them and becoming even better. As an instrument of personnel development, people are more likely to be motivated to achieve top performance than by focusing on deficits.

2. Flow

Flow describes a state in which personal skills and external requirements are perfectly suited to each other. The current action takes place with a lightness and effortlessly, as if following an inner logic. This does not simply happen, but is the result of mental focus.

3. Sense

No sense no motivation. No motivation, no effort. The internalised sense of purpose provides intrinsic motivation and contributes to achieving great results and thereby advancing the company.

In this workshop, you will get to know all three pillars in detail and learn how to apply them in your company. Practical application and practical examples play just as important a role as the theoretical impulses of the trainer.


  • Understand the background and procedures of the Positive Leadership Approach and be able to integrate it into your own leadership map.
  • Be convinced of PL’s advantages for your own person and the organization through scientifically based results.
  • Recognising strength orientation, flow and sense as pillars of PL and analysing them on the basis of their own leadership situation.
  • Have developed concrete measures for how PL can be applied in the personal work environment and have a positive impact.


No special previous knowledge is required.


Persons who lead disciplinary or professional management as well as project managers.


2 days


As an in-house event at your location. 


The workshop is led by Ingo Kallenbach (graduate pedagogue), owner and managing director of Reflect GmbH & Co. KG. Since 1995 he has been working as a consultant, coach and trainer in profit and non-profit organisations. His work focuses on strategic personnel development, implementation of new leadership concepts, business coaching and change management.

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