The ability to systematically recognize the strengths and potentials of your employees as well as the needs of your customers and to use them optimally is a decisive competitive advantage. What makes excellent managers? How can you successfully develop your team? What are your customers’ needs?


INSIGHTS profiles give you a holistic insight into the complexity of human development opportunities. They show how we behave in certain work and stress situations, how we act in a team and what role we think we have to play. They provide an insight into our value structure, shed light on our personal drive systems and explain why we behave in a very specific way.

The ability to systematically recognize and optimally utilize your employees’ own strengths and potentials as well as the needs of your customers is increasingly becoming a decisive competitive advantage. With the diagnostic instruments from INSIGHTS MDI®, you not only get a reliable basis for decision-making in order to communicate with customers, partners and service providers in a type-appropriate and thus more successful manner. Rather, the tools form an effective basis for efficient personnel selection as well as the integration and further training of team members and managers.


Topics covered:

  1. Basics of the personality model
  2. Limits and criticism of personality models
  3. Recognizing and using your own strengths
  4. Observing and assessing behaviour
  5. The four personality types and the “right” way of dealing with each type
  6. Profiling – Assessing partners and colleagues and being able to act appropriately in each situation

In addition to the theoretical input, you will also be given the opportunity to obtain detailed information about yourself – which type are you? What value structure do you have in mind?
The success of an analysis method is based on its user acceptance. Easily formulated, the questionnaires do not take more than 15 to 20 minutes to complete. The evaluation takes place as a textual and graphical report, which comprises up to 30 pages. In addition to a detailed analysis of the evaluated data, it contains a wealth of practical tips that can be implemented immediately.

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No special previous knowledge is required.


Specialists and executives


In the workshop, a varied mix of short presentations, trainer input, individual and group work, practical exercises, self-reflection, exchange of experiences and coaching will be used.


1 day


As an in-house event at your location.


The workshop is led by Ingo Kallenbach (graduate pedagogue), owner and managing director of Reflect GmbH & Co. KG. Since 1995 he has been working as a consultant, coach and trainer in profit and non-profit organisations. His work focuses on strategic personnel development, implementation of new leadership concepts, business coaching and change management.

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